The Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAiKS) turns 100 this year. Would the creators that founded this organization back on March 18, 1918 be able to believe that we made it this far? We hope that they would believe this. Although the task they set out for themselves initially concerned a small party of people, it became something crucial when it came to creating the beginnings of a culture. Protecting creators, acting in their interests, making sure of their due compensation and securing appropriate social facilities for their endeavors is the exactly the type of foundation needed to create and promote culture.

Our organization, which we always speak with pride about, represents the rights of all key individuals and professional development groups. Songwriters or composers are not the only members in our circle. We protect writers, playwrights, publicists, and choreographers with equal fervor. It is impossible to name everyone for this occasion. ZAiKS was appointed by the creators and is democratically run by them. Over the last 100 years, this principle has not changed. It has not been influenced by the turmoil of war nor the impulses of communist authorities which wanted to nationalize and use culture to promote one singular idea.

The beginning of the next century brings with it new tasks for us. The internet has made cultural creation readily available on an scale never seen before. We’ve received an incredible opportunity. However, this opportunity requires from us great responsibility. The creator still needs to be rewarded for his work. Every creator is entitled to this, even those whom we, as an organization, do not represent. We are counting on the fact that we are able to help everyone. 100 years of ZAiKS is combining creators’ creativity with the needs of their recipients, taking care of new and necessary legislative tools to ensure the comfort each aforementioned group deserves. We draw on the experience from the many decades we’ve witnessed, and recognize when enacting change is necessary. Culture belongs to our very special interest. Can ZAiKS during this jubilee wish for something more?

We turn your attention to this following website, and dedicate its contents, to those who have always sought an answer to this question. It doesn’t require much convincing to know that there’s always more to do, and to be done, for culture and not only at ZAiKS. We have another 100 years to do more, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for that. Let creators continue to amaze and surprise us. We’ll make the best conditions for them. From the jubilee section of our website, you’ll find out everything we’ve done so far in this regard. What are we planning for the future? Watch us closely. As always, and as in the last century, we are at your disposal.