Edward Pałłasz to the members of ZAiKS

Taking into account two years of training as a member in the role of an “aspirant” (because in the 1950s, there was such a form of membership at the organization), I’ve spent roughly sixty years in the community of our organization. Twenty five years of those sixty years, so roughly about a quarter of a century, I’ve been involved in the chief divisions of ZAiKS. Therefore I have the full right to assign myself the title of being a “veteran” member. And it is from this position that I dare to make a few marks about our future.

There should be no illusions that intellectual property law will cease to be questioned. In addition to the already known sharks that hunt these waters, new incarnations of theirs will appear using noble slogans that they wish to improve and facilitate access to culture and science to the common man. Only the solidarity of creative circles, supported by good legal services, can rise to the occasion and confront them.

It should also not be expected that all the troubles we’ve had from the first century of our existence have been exhausted. This simply isn’t so. It’s necessary to keep in mind, no governing state, in principle, disregards any independent and self-minded bodies. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to preserve the internal democracy within our organization so that elected social authorities have a strong electoral mandate and can resist the attempts, from their positions, made to incapacitate the organization. This principle has worked in the last century.

The salary of our staff should not be touched, nor should they be taken for granted. Only thanks to their professionalism and efficient work, our creative achievements can bring us satisfaction in the form of material equivalence. This form of material equivalence allows us to facilitate our work further or brings us relief when we are not able to rise up to the task.

Don’t succumb to the temptation to politically color the organization, or, to put a value marker to the creativity we protect. Both tendencies, albeit quite different in nature, lead to harmful problems. In their extreme forms, they both lead to suicide.

The social and cultural activities of our organization need to be tended to and cultivated with the utmost care of a good gardener. We shouldn’t be simply satisfied with the current existing forms we have such as resort homes for our creators, allowances, medical reliefs, composer and literary contests, or annual awards for special artistic achievements, but we should expand them with new ideas to continue the already above-mentioned goals.

Cultivate good relations with our foreign, sister copyright law organizations. Never be scared of new innovations, but to remember not to lose what is our special distinctiveness.

With all of this said, I wish my beloved ZAiKS, and therefore all my friends and colleagues, a successful next century.

Yours in health and creative power,

Edward Pałasz

Chairman Organization Council

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